Game of Bimbos: The Collection available now!

Game of Bimbos: The Collection is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

“Bring on the Bimbos!”

The Queen of Solice has passed away, leaving a seat at the right hand of the King vacant. Per sacred tradition, King Bjorn issues a royal decree; summoning all available noble ladies to participate in the game of bimbos. The victor of the games will become Queen and sit upon a newly fashioned throne made of the toys of all the unworthy contestants.

With the chance of power and status, several royal houses go all-in preparing their gorgeous bimbo daughters to participate in the games. All the house’s available resources are brought to bear, training the submissive brats to do what they are meant to – please men.

It will take many months for the King to make his decision, and with all the noble houses competing for a claim to the throne, the danger is immense. But when it is done, who shall claim the bimbo throne?

This is a 4 book erotic short story bundle with pages of bonus content!